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Social Action for Knowledge building & Awareness Raising (SAKAR), a non-profitable civil society organization envisions a society based on pillars of Knowledge, Awareness, Justice and Gender Equity. The organization was registered on 21st November 2005.


We in SAKAR believe that information, awareness and the zeal to perform better is an evolutionary process and leads to societal change. The voice of the unheard and vulnerable needs to be raised, so that equal opportunities are available and imbalances of caste and gender reduced. As a voluntary development organization SAKAR strives to make the lives of the marginalized, especially women and children, more meaningful by helping them engage in the change process. The key to this lies in fulfilling information needs and developing a feeling of unity/togetherness in them.

The main focus of the organization has been on developing leadership of women, with a rights based approach, providing a platform to Muslim and Dalit women and promoting their network. This network has 2000 women which focuses on social, economic, political rights of women.

Our Objectives

Political, social and economic empowerment of women, with primary focus on their increased participation in the decision making processes and developing them as leaders at the community level. Work towards improving the lives of children focusing on their basic rights like right to education, safe/secure and healthy childhood. Context specific information generation and dissemination to various stakeholders, to gauge the knowledge gap specially at the community level.

Promoting gender equity and equality by discouraging prejudices and taboos against women and the girl child. These may be related to health, education and occupation thereby promoting equal opportunities for both the sexes.

Taking up socially relevant and context specific issues related to health, sanitation, education, government system and working for their redressal.

Create models of holistic and sustainable change process where the target groups are a partner in the process rather than being just a part of it.

Board Members

Shri. Ashok Singh

Profession : Social Work
At present director of Sahbhagi
Shikshan Kendra, Lucknow

Ms. Nitika Pant

Profession : Social Work
Co founder SAKAR

Ms. Shilpi Agarwal

Profession : Social Work
Co founder SAKAR

Dr.Sandhya Saxena

Profession : Academician

Ms. Hameeda Khatoon

Profession : Social Work
Director, Sanatkada Samajik
Pehel, Lucknow

Dr.Madhumita Das

Profession : Consultant

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