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Sunita(30 Years)'s Story

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Sunita(30 Years)'s Story

Sunita (30 Years) from village from Pipalsana got married to Harprashad When she was 14. After marriage she had three children; 2 daughters and 1 son. Her husband never let her go anywhere and always doubted her. She was a victim of domestic violance. She was very poor and there was no support from her husband . She collected wood from the forest and earned her living Gradually she became associated with SAKAR and learnt many things, making her aware informed and confident to take on her struggles.

With SAKAR's efforts Sunita came to know about labour registration and got a labour identity card made. Then se started visiting other village and identified those village and identified those people who were eligible for labour card labour card and other and were not aware about government policies.

She met them and talked to them making them aware about the benefits of labour card and other government policies. As a result total 1500 labour card registrations by Sunita. The benefits which they got were- Tool kits to labourers -100 families. Excellent student benefit (5th class & above)-75 families. Maternity supplementry benefit -50 families. Bicycle facility -25 families. Death supplementary benefit-3 families. Jagdei (25) lives in Karampur village is a part of the Mahila Shakti sangathan said,"I am very happy to have maternity benefit which helped me nurture my child as a happy and healthy child . I think Sunita and SAKAR for it. "

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