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Story Of Girl

When the girls heard that a sports day was being organized in the village, they were thrilled. They had seldom seen girls play and the thought was just a passing one. Seening the boys play in open, in groups and shout away their excitement was a regular site.But, we were affraid, we hesitated being able to play in open and 'enjoy' . The elders said that the girls were- grown ups! But, the coordinator had told the girls that it was lack of confidence that led to the girls being oppressed and that is why there was inequality too. Meetings at the village level had helped the girls to learn cricket, kabbadi and relay race.

The grand day arrived and all the girls played in open, in village Dohna, with support from the pradhan Faiyaaz khan, who was there to supprt SAKAR.

All men, boys and few women gathered around the big school playground, to watch girls play. Intially, the girls were a bit hesitant but later they understood that they could do everything, if given an opportunity. Similarly, there were other competitions like rangoli and poster competitions which marked the way to a better and safer tomorrow, for gils!

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