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Khatoon's Story

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Khatoon's Story

Khatoon belongs to the Muslim community in village Ittowa Kedarnath of Bhojipura block, in district Bareilly. She is an active member of the SMC and worked a lot in her village to improve the condition of mid-day meal in her village. She also tried to engage with the block and get some benfits but there was no hindrance which she realized. The hindrance was that she was illitrate. SAKAR started a literacy centre in the village, but Khatoon thought

that she was aged enough to read and write... so she did not go to the centre and refused. After much persusion, She agreed and after the first day she went, she had to face a lot criticism and sarcastic remarks from the community. She again sat at home! The centre facilitator again met her and explained her the merits of being literate. The only thing which kept her going Khatoon was the support from her family. Once Khatoon learnt to write her name(Which took a long time), but finally she did. There was no looking back then and till date she continues her struggles to become a literate and educated woman. She relat it to her right to live with access to entitlemnets.

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